Photo Friday: By Toutatis / Daniel Cochran & The Belly of Paris

If you’re not in Glasgow over Easter, you should be in Bahrain:

Daniel Cochran & The Belly of Paris
Taken from the Museland Festival website –

Okay, so this is an excuse to boast my photos are doing rounds of the Persian Gulf.

Bahrain This Week
Bahrain This Week: Sunday 6th April 2014

Museland Festival takes place in Bahrain on 18th and 19th April, and it’ll be the first outing for Daniel Cochran’s (By Toutatis, ex-Idiot Savant) new solo act, The Belly of Paris.

This shot was part of a set I did for Cochran’s other band, baroque barroom haunters By Toutatis. You’ll be seeing more of those shots in the Summer, on the eve of their next single and dates.

In the meantime, here’s some of the live shots I’ve taken of the band in the past year. You can find more at

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