Ruth Runs for Mind: A Quick Thank You

I ran a Half Marathon yesterday. So here’s a quick post to say thank you.

A welcome biscuit.
A welcome biscuit.

According to the provisional timings I made it to the finish line in 2 hours, 19 minutes and 10 seconds – pretty nice for a first half marathon, I reckon. And so much the better to learn that you’ve now helped me raise more than £300 for Mind – with payday still to come!

Most of all, this is for you lot. Thank you all, so much, for all your support – whether you’ve made a donation, suggested a song to help me along, or wished me luck on the way to this day. I’ve never done so much as a fun run before now. I honestly could not have done this without you. Thank you.

While I’m still collecting up photos and things, if you’ve yet to do so, and you’d like to make a donation to my fundraising efforts for Mind, the link is here

Thank you, everyone!

Finally, I’d like to say a massive thank you to all the wonderful folks at Mind and Tyneside Mind for all their support and encouragement, as well as the organisers at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival. Thank you, guys – you’re ruddy splendid!

Ruth Runs for Mind – Edinburgh Half Marathon Playlist

One day to go before The Big Day, and I have to say this, first of all:

You lot bloody well did it, didn’t you?

New Picture (3) cropped
Thank you so much!

More than £200 raised for the mental health charity Mind, plus another £46.25 in Gift Aid. And that’s with payday donations still to be added. Thank you everyone, so, so much for supporting me and Mind. This donation is going to make such a difference to people’s lives, truly.

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Bits and Bobs: EMF Half Marathon, ASFAR, Matt Pryor, Allison Weiss, Dogs playing Cards and more

Hi everyone! Here are a few odds and sods that have been gathering over the last couple of weeks…

  • It’s just under a week now to the Edinburgh Half Marathon, which you all know I’m running for the mental health charity Mind, right? I’m currently going through all your song suggestions for my Half Marathon playlist – there’s more than 70 RUDDY SONGS here – aren’t you lot splendid? I should be posting about the final shortlist in the next couple of days.


  • Meanwhile, there’s still time to donate to the main fundraising over on my Just Giving page. After Mental Health Awareness Week last week, the target is so close! If you can spare a donation, please head to

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Blog Tour: Writers’ Blog Tour

It’s not just a clever name.

You may have seen the Writing Process Blog Tour that’s been doing the rounds recently. I’ve been tagged by Neil Williamson, who in turn was tagged by Liz Williams, and Claire Weaver before her. However, I also recommend checking out Nick Harkaway‘s one on this, and Libby McGuigan‘s, and Jacey Bedford‘s – or, indeed, any of the other Writing Process blogs that have been cropping up, as they’re really quite interesting.

While my answers are mostly about fiction writing, the last part also has a little something about my process when it comes to music and non-fiction work. While it fits here, there seemed to be little point in doing this for the other questions – “because I was commissioned to do it” seems somewhat churlish an answer. I’ve also tagged three folks who I’m hoping will provide three very different insights into their own media… But first things first.

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Photo Friday: The Lake Poets, Tissue Culture, Trev Gibb

Back to normal for this week’s Photo Friday. Or at least, as close to normal as it gets. Last Saturday was The Roots Of… show at The Cluny 2, a benefit gig for the Tyneside branch of Mind (who I’m also raising money for at the Edinburgh Half Marathon this year…). A bunch of cracking local bands came together for some unique takes on the songs that have influenced them.

Archie from Tissue Culture at The Cluny 2 - 3rd May 2014
Archie from Tissue Culture at The Cluny 2 – 3rd May 2014

While I rocked up a bit late to catch High Tide 1547, or most of Hannah D’Arcy (who was in ruddy splendid voice that night), certainly Tissue Culture, The Lake Poets, and Trev Gibb and his band really did Tyneside Mind proud. Here are some of my highlights, along with some shots from the show:
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Ruth Runs: Edinburgh 2014 for Mind – How you can help

I’m running my first half-marathon next bank holiday in Edinburgh. No, I’m not sure how that happened either. It’s certainly not been easy. I’m not the fittest individual, and as someone who was constantly teased for her weight at school, it’s been weirdly rewarding watching the distances slowly increase – from running one minute at a time to a full ten mile run last week. Now, after almost six months of training, I finally feel like I might be able to do this. But I don’t want to be the only one getting something out of it…

No backing out now...
No backing out now…

As a result, I’ve decided to do this one for Mind, the mental health charity. And while I’ll be raising donations via my page at JustGiving, I’ve also come up with a second way that you can help me support Mind, without spending a bean…

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BlogHop: Three Things I Don’t Write (and Three Things I Do)

It’s a bloghop! This week, the amazing Benjanun Sriduangkeaw has been discussing things she does and doesn’t write about – take a look here. In that blog, along with Natalia Theodoridou and Raya Wolfsun, she’s been kind enough to tag me. Which brings us all here today.

Only, here’s the thing – I’m not sure that I don’t do anything yet, as such. More that there are things I have written about, and things I haven’t. So I hope Bee doesn’t mind that I’ve slightly altered the titles of these for my own blog on this.

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Photo Friday: Guest Blog – GJB Performance Photography

There’s one final part to the fortnight of madness I haven’t mentioned yet. In between Eastercon and the final rehearsals for the DCYC Messiah concert, I popped up to the Toon to catch up with GJB Performance Photography – aka ace photographer Graeme Baty – for a wee bit of this:

Dogbank - 23rd April 2014. Photo by GJB Performance Photography.
Dogbank – 23rd April 2014. Photo by GJB Performance Photography.

However, I think I’ve done enough talking for this week. So today’s Photo Friday is a Guest Blog of sorts, with Graeme giving us a little insight into how he managed to get shots like these. Take it away, pet!

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DCYC 50th anniversary Concert: Old Songs and Muscle Memory

In the second blog from the fortnight of madness, let’s skip to the end, and a rather grand change of scenery.

Durham Cathedral 25th April 2014 - the view from the Naughty Row.
Durham Cathedral 25th April 2014 – the view from the Naughty Row.

That’s where more than a hundred of us were last Friday – in Durham Cathedral, nailing down the final tricky bits of Handel’s Messiah for Durham County Youth Choir‘s 50th anniversary concert. About 24 hours later, we’d be doing the same thing in evening dress in front of pews full to bursting. For all memories and feelings the reunion had brought up, after months of nostalgia, almost play-acting at being in a choir again, the reality of it would begin to sink in.

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