Photo Friday: The Lake Poets, Tissue Culture, Trev Gibb

Back to normal for this week’s Photo Friday. Or at least, as close to normal as it gets. Last Saturday was The Roots Of… show at The Cluny 2, a benefit gig for the Tyneside branch of Mind (who I’m also raising money for at the Edinburgh Half Marathon this year…). A bunch of cracking local bands came together for some unique takes on the songs that have influenced them.

Archie from Tissue Culture at The Cluny 2 - 3rd May 2014
Archie from Tissue Culture at The Cluny 2 – 3rd May 2014

While I rocked up a bit late to catch High Tide 1547, or most of Hannah D’Arcy (who was in ruddy splendid voice that night), certainly Tissue Culture, The Lake Poets, and Trev Gibb and his band really did Tyneside Mind proud. Here are some of my highlights, along with some shots from the show:

  • Tissue Culture – a band known for their tremendous walls of sound – covering Mark Knopfler’s ‘Coming Home’. Like being overwhelmed by The Pennines.
  • The suave Trev Gibb and his band (including the marvellous Hannah D’Arcy) essentially doing A Night With Burt Bacharach for our entertainment. Also, turns out that saxophone solos can still sound cracking without the saxophone.
  • Discovering The Lake Poets for the first time, covering Neil Young, amongst others. Martin Longstaff’s delicate tones are amongst the most beautiful I’ve heard since Ashe O’Hara (TesseracT) – possibly even since Jeff Buckley. Definitely amongst my favourite North-East vocalists, either way.
  • Finding out that this completely packed out show raised £823.31 for Tyneside Mind. Well done, folks!

A couple of the bands who played have already shared some photos of the night, but here are some more of my favourites – alongside a couple of experiments…

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