Photo Friday: Tissue Culture, Skull Puppies, Good Terms, Uniforms (acoustic)

It’s been a while, eh? Let’s ease in with a few photos, then.

Good Terms at the Head of Steam, 6th June 2014.
Good Terms at the Head of Steam, 6th June 2014.

Last week I was back at Escape Velocity, a series of gigs put on at the Head of Steam in Newcastle-Upon Tyne, by the Paul Brown of Tiny Lights Recordings (RIP). This time co-organised with Portions for Foxes, the pair had brought together local noisy boys Good Terms, alongside Tissue Culture, and the first ever show from nerdcore punks Skull Puppies, the new band from Jack Fallows (also known for his distinctive illustration work with PM Buchan, The Crack and Travelling Man). Dundee punks Uniforms, meanwhile, had originally cancelled this night, but decided to go ahead with a rare solo acoustic set from Derek Johnston (who also co-runs the Make-That-A-Take collective).

What I love about the Escape Velocity nights is the eclectic mix of bands you’ll get, often on the same bill; tonight being a case in point. It’s tribute to Paul’s sterling taste in music, which served him so well when running Tiny Lights Recordings (The Lake Poets, Natasha Haws, Tusk, By Toutatis, O’Messy Life and so on). What I dislike about these nights, the only thing, is the venue. It’s nothing to do with the staff, or the pub itself, which is one of my favourites. A lot of photographers have a nemesis venue, a place where they feel they just can’t catch a break, shotwise – and the Head of Steam is pretty much mine.

But after that night? I think that streak of bad luck may have ended for now. Here’s a few photos from that night, see what you think.

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