Worldcon: Loncon 3 Debrief

The calm before the storm - Thursday afternoon at Loncon3, by Peter Morrison (Click here for more of Peter's Loncon3 Photoset).
The calm before the storm – Thursday afternoon in the Fan Village at Loncon3. Photo by Peter Morrison.
So to the inevitable con dissection post; a bit of a late one, I’m afraid. Coming straight out of Worldcon into a ten day bout of horrendous Con Flu (and the innevitable deadline catch-up afterwards) left me feeling like that guy who did the London Marathon in a 19th century diving suit: I got there in the end, but the crowds have long since departed, and I can’t quite hear out my right ear yet. Still I have to admit, the epic scale of this con’s aftermath is only in proportion to how wonderful a time I had there.

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