Guest Blog: Jacey Bedford on the Parallels between Writing and Singing

This website brings together two sides of my life that I love – music and fiction. Another writer with her feet in both worlds is Jacey Bedford, novelist and singer with folk trio Artisan. Despite “hanging up [her] tonsils” ten years ago, she’s never managed to keep away from the music scene, running her own tour management agency and giving the odd tour herself on the side. The return of Artisan in 2015 promises to be something special, as anyone who witnessed her impromptu a capella turn at Fantasycon 2014 will agree.

Not that she’s been resting on her laurels in the other side of her life either. Empire of Dust, Jacey’s debut novel, is a space opera set in a universe where large corporations and their telepathic, implant-addicted psi-tech agents are locked in a battle for resources across the galaxy. With Empire of Dust due out on 4th November through DAW, here’s Jacey’s take on the similarities between music performance and writing – and what she’s learned from each…

Jacey Bedford at Novacon 2012
Jacey Bedford at Novacon 2012

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Fantasycon 2014: Three Days Running Up and Down Corridors

And finally to the last convention report of the year – a different perspective, this time, from 2014’s Fantasycon. Being based in the North East, attending genre cons often means a minimum 3 hours travel time for me. So the news that this year’s Fantasycon would be in York was a nice surprise. And after the rigours of a London Worldcon, what better time to give this Redcoat – or in this case, Redcloak * – lark a try?Fantasycon 2014 - The Redshirt

Redcloaking would turn out to be immensely fun – and more than just an interesting opportunity to peek behind the curtain of one of Britain’s longest running literary cons. Lots of hard work to boot: Though Fantasycon is only three days, we got into it virtually on arrival – preparing goodie bags and registration. However, what most con-goers don’t realise is that Redcloaking isn’t only a physically demanding job. It’s one that requires a lot of common sense, some self-regard, and a wee dose of silliness to make it through.
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