Bits & Bobs: New Story, New Photos, New Reviews, New Blogs and New Bols

Back at the end of September, I drafted a Bits & Bobs post, due to go up the following week. I finished it all off, save leaving room for adding photos… and promptly forgot about it. Sorry folks! Busyness is no excuse, but needless to say, a bunch of stuff has happened since my last one of these. I’ve been a panelist at the biggest con I’ve yet attended. I’ve had my first experience of Redcoating. Alongside that, there’s a bunch of new articles and some photos online… I’m afraid this is a bit of a monster catch-up as a result, but hopefully worth a browse nonetheless.



An advance warning first – I’ve got a brand new story coming out in 2015. Fox Spirit has announced the latest in their Fox Pockets series.

FP Evil Genius Cover

The Evil Genius Guide will feature (deep breath)… ‘Dame Ammonia Dastardly-Truste’s Evil Genius College for Ladies: Class of 2013 Graduation Speech [Transcript].’ Fiona Apple length titles aside, the Evil Genius Guide is being guest edited by Daz Pulsford, and with tales by the likes of the Chloe Yates, Andrew Reid, Alasdair Stuart and more, there’ll be plenty to get your teeth into.

More news soon… For now, on the fiction front, there’s also blogs from both Loncon 3 (this year’s Worldcon) and Redcoating at Fantasycon 2014 (yes the UK one, not the Utah one) up on the site – scroll down for more.



Those lovely chaps at Thrash Hits of Devin Townsend’s Z2, the long awaited return of his alien alter-ego (and fourth dimensional guitar hero) Ziltoid The Omniscient. I’ve also reviewed the latest This Will Destroy You album. Like instrumental post-rock? That’ll be worth a read too.


“A gloriously indulgent comic book confection”, versus a “power rock/dance/experimental mashup”… “The question becomes less whether this is a Ziltoid record worth waiting for, and more whether Z2 actually works as a coherent pairing.”

Devin Townsend Project - Z2abumcoverartworkpackshotThrashHits

THIS WILL DESTROY YOU – Another Language

“Small things are thrown into relief – the engine stutters rabid complaints, there’s a tart stink of old fish’n’chips somewhere… Listening to Another Language… is something like this.”

This Will Destroy You - Another Language



Not many New Photos since the last update, due to a combination of illness and bad luck. Not least this show with Anathema, where a combination of a stage set/stage size mismatch, blocked pit and a sold-out show meant there was only one point in the entire room to shoot from. Still, I got a few shots from that night, and here they are…

O2 Academy (upstairs room), Newcastle-Upon-Tyne–anathema-newcastle-academy

Anathema 2014 gig shot



Unfortunately, my misognynistic foul-mouthed agent Benny Bols has been at it again. There’s a new column up on Mass Movement featuring his guide to making it as a Journalist. Budding hacks, read at your own risk…

Random Bols #1: Benny Bols’ Guide to making it as a Journalist
“If I wanted fucking facts, I’d get Carol Vorderman to read me the fucking Karma Sutra.”



Well, technically this is a new blog, but there are other new blogs. Less new than this one. Old new blogs, really…


That’s better.


Jacey Bedford, singer with Artisan and author of Empire of Dust (out now on Daw), talks about the similarities between the two sides of her life…

Artisan at Summerfolk Festival Ontario in 2010.


There’s also a couple of blogs on what I got up to in London and York, including my thoughts on my first ever Redcoat adventures.


My first con as a Redcloak was a lesson in just how effort it takes to run a convention…

Fantasycon 2014 - The Redshirt


Video-game music, panel highlights, readings, and a photo of Melinda Snodgrass and a smug-looking me…

Waiting for Pirates - PP readers Adrian Faulkner, Brian Milton and Elaine Gallagher, joined by Tracy Berg and Nicolle Lamerichs.

And that’s it for now!

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