Photo Friday: By Toutatis Nordoff-Robbins Benefit w/ FractionsXNatashaHaws and Trev Gibb

By Toutatis at Head of Steam, 9th July 2015
By Toutatis at Head of Steam, 9th July 2015

It’s a double exposure! In the second part of Photo Friday catch-up, we catch up with some more established treasures of the North-East’s alternative scene.

By Toutatis may be split between Middlesbrough and Bahrain these days, but it just makes those rare North-East shows extra special. With their historically-driven Brel-inspired alternative tunes and raucous folksong renditions, their new EP The Beasts was frankly just an excuse to check in with the boys. But that’s not to say it was the only one. I hadn’t caught a Trev Gibb show in more than a year, and the man’s a superb songwriter, so the chance to see him acoustic wasn’t to be missed either. And did I mention all profits went to Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy as well?

The night had one final treat in store – FractionsXNatashaHaws – a mash-up of two superlative local acts. Those aware of Natasha‘s prodigiously bright (but all too brief) solo career will be delighted to hear she’s decided to dip her toes back in the water. This collaboration works startlingly well – with both the ethereal and gut-driven tones of Haws entwining wonderfully with the Fractions soundscapes. Sadly the lighting meant I got bog all shots of them, but if you get chance to catch them, take it.
In the meantime, why not take a look at some of my favourite shots from this gig at the Head of Steam?

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