Worldcon 75 Schedule

The Worldcon programme is now available through the official website, at Here’s a run down of where you can find me over the weekend.

Thursday 12pm-1pm
‘The Sandman’ [Messukeskus 206]
Meg MacDonald [M], Ruth EJ Booth, Tony Keen, Tomasz Kozłowski
“Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman comic started more than 25 years ago, but it is still being widely read. The panel discusses the reasons for Sandman’s enduring popularity.”

Friday 10am-11am
‘From Literature to Movies and Television – Adaptation of Scifi and Fantasy’ [Messukeskus 102]
Greg Bossert [M], Margaret Dunlap, Ruth EJ Booth, Anna-Leena Harinen, Mike Kiss
“Many scifi and fantasy movies and television shows are adapted from literature. There are both good examples and bad ones. What makes an adaptation good or bad? How’s the adaption market like these days? How do you write a good adaptation?”

Aside from panels, I’ll also be taking part in the academic poster events on Saturday 12th August.

UPDATE: Please note that some posters will be displayed earlier in the convention, so if you can’t make these events, there are still opportunities to take a look at all the STEM and Humanities projects on display.

Saturday 1pm-3pm
Academic Poster Talks
A series of 5 minute presentations from the teams displaying academic posters at this year’s Worldcon. I’ll be presenting on my poster, ‘Mapping the Way: Taoism and Landscape in Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea Quartet’.

Saturday 4pm-5pm
Academic Poster Displays
While the academic posters will be displayed all day Saturday, the teams behind each poster will all be available during this period to discuss the topics behind them.

Saturday 6pm-7pm
Academic Poster Presentation Awards Ceremony
The winner will be decided from this year’s STEM displays.

You can also find my panel schedule (minus the academic poster events) by searching Booth on the Grenadine Site, or clicking here:

Hope to see you there!

The Legend of the Kick-Arse Wise Women, Worldcon 75, and the BFS Awards

Here’s a quick update on things academic and fictional.

Firstly, my latest Shoreline of Infinity column is out now! In ‘The Legend of the Kick-arse Wise Women’, I unpack some of the ideas I had about age and writing when I was younger, and what made me change my mind about them. You’ll find it under Noise and Sparks in Issue 8 of Shoreline of Infinity, which you can pick up in all formats at their website.

Secondly, a couple of bits of Worldcon news. I’ve had a poster proposal accepted to this year’s event in Finland, where I’ll be presenting on the relationship between landscape and themes from Taoist philosophy in the first four Earthsea novels by Ursula Le Guin. I’ve also been offered places on a couple of panels on the provisional programme, so more on that when things are finalized.

Finally, I’ve accepted a spot on this year’s British Fantasy Awards‘ Best Non-Fiction jury. This’ll be my second year on the jury for this award, and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to the shortlist. You can find out the results of our discussions first at this year’s Fantasycon, which takes place in Peterborough over 29th September to 1st October.

I think that’s it for now. More news when I can share it.

Worldcon: Loncon 3 schedule


There’s just over a week to go until Worldcon hits the UK – Loncon 3 will be at London’s ExCeL arena over 14th – 18th August. More than 5,000 people will be descending on London for the first UK Worldcon since 1965. So I’m ridiculously excited to announce I’ll be joining a couple of panels in the music stream over the weekend.

Here’s what my Loncon schedule looks like so far:

FRIDAY 15th AUG – “Massively Multiplayer” The Music of Genre Video-games
Capital Suite 5 (ExCeL), 4:30pm – 6pm
w/ Melinda Snodgrass, Jeremy Zerfoss, Isabella van Elferen and Helena Nash.
“Now a larger industry than films worldwide, with the biggest titles inspired by SF&F themes, video games are driving a lot of successful music composition, both classical and modern. Panellists discuss the landscape so far and look to future trends.”

MONDAY 18TH AUG – Worldbuilding to Music
Capital Suite 9 (ExCeL), 11am – 12pm
w/ Bill Sutton, Nicolle Lamerichs and, once again, the amazing Melinda Snodgrass.
“Panellists explore how music inspires imagination and worldbuilding, with examples from current professional and fan works and from classics such as the works of Marianne L’Engle, H. Beam Piper, C.S. Lewis, Tolkien and others.”

The full schedule for the con can be found at this link on Loncon 3 website.

If you can’t make those, I should be floating around the con all weekend – so come say hi. Hope to see you there!