How Writers Write, and When Runners Run


Tony Ballentyne’s blog series How Writers Write is exactly that. Once a month, he’s interviewed folk like Keith Brooke and Neil Williamson and they’ve duly answered – on where they write, choices of style, and what helps them get into the right frame of mind to create great stories. You’ll find rare insights into the creative process of some ace writers, so it’s well worth a browse.
A few weeks ago, Tony dropped me an email with a few of the same questions, and you’ll find my answers (complete with a guest appearance from Millie the cat) in the latest installment.
How Writers Write: Ruth EJ Booth –
Just one more thing before I go:


Today marks a year to the day that I ran the Edinburgh Half Marathon in aid of Mind – my first ever running event. So I thought you might like to know I’ve signed up to the Great Scottish Run‘s Half Marathon event in Glasgow in October. I’ll be running for Macmillan Cancer Support, in memory of my friend Carol Laird. More on that nearer the time.


Blog Tour: Writers’ Blog Tour

It’s not just a clever name.

You may have seen the Writing Process Blog Tour that’s been doing the rounds recently. I’ve been tagged by Neil Williamson, who in turn was tagged by Liz Williams, and Claire Weaver before her. However, I also recommend checking out Nick Harkaway‘s one on this, and Libby McGuigan‘s, and Jacey Bedford‘s – or, indeed, any of the other Writing Process blogs that have been cropping up, as they’re really quite interesting.

While my answers are mostly about fiction writing, the last part also has a little something about my process when it comes to music and non-fiction work. While it fits here, there seemed to be little point in doing this for the other questions – “because I was commissioned to do it” seems somewhat churlish an answer. I’ve also tagged three folks who I’m hoping will provide three very different insights into their own media… But first things first.

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BlogHop: Three Things I Don’t Write (and Three Things I Do)

It’s a bloghop! This week, the amazing Benjanun Sriduangkeaw has been discussing things she does and doesn’t write about – take a look here. In that blog, along with Natalia Theodoridou and Raya Wolfsun, she’s been kind enough to tag me. Which brings us all here today.

Only, here’s the thing – I’m not sure that I don’t do anything yet, as such. More that there are things I have written about, and things I haven’t. So I hope Bee doesn’t mind that I’ve slightly altered the titles of these for my own blog on this.

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