Bits’n’Bobs: Eastercon, Pet Slimmers, La Femme and Amber and Locktender

Hi all. The Maw of a Thousand Tomes, aka the Expanding Suitcase of Doom, is packed and ready for Eastercon in Glasgow this weekend. There’s just time for a bit of housekeeping before I go.

  • Firstly, here’s my schedule for Eastercon, where I’ll be at the launch of NewCon Press anthology La Femme, as well as my first ever panels across the weekend. Come say hi, if you’re about!

  • Talking of which, La Femme (featuring ‘The Honey Trap’) is now out on Kindle. Pre-orders are still up at Spacewitch and Amazon.
  • …And my review of Pet Slimmers of the Year‘s debut Fragments of Uniforms will be up on Thrash Hits tomorrow.

Before I go, a couple of other firsts this weekend. Henry Carden’s (Dartz!) International Departures will be playing their first ever live set at Stockton Calling, alongside Tusk, We Are Knuckle Dragger, The Lake Poets and more. And last week’s Photo Friday, Daniel Cochran (By Toutatis) and The Belly of Paris make their (his and the organ, naturally) debut at Museland Festival in Bahrain, which also boasts Briar Rabbit and Mo Zowayed & The Accidentals. If you’re in either area, those should be reet mint.

I think that’s it for now. I’ll just leave you a preview of my smooth moves at the Sunday disco.

Shamelessly stolen from Drowned in Sound.

Hope you have a great weekend, whatever you’re up to!

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