Sleeping Sentries

Hello. This is a First Post.

What do people write in a first post now? It seems like all blogs appear perfectly formed, ex machina, with posts marking every significant genre event for the last six months. Perfectly polished journal homunculi. Like an Oscar made of lolz.

If you’re here, perhaps it’s because you’ve read either one of my short stories or my writing about Rock and Metal, or maybe you’ve seen my live photos, right? Thank you very much for stopping by, whichever it is. I’ll be using this space to ramble on about things I’m up to, as well as anything else that snags on brain debris as it drifts through my consciousness.

That could be quite a lot of stuff. We recently had a tornado. Took the A Perfect Circle archive right off its hinges.

In the meantime, why not take a moment to explore some of the links at the top and side of the page for more cool stuff? I’ll be with you soon.

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