Photo Friday: NARC. Fest – Blacklisters, Rivals and Martha at the Tyne Bar

Martha at the Tyne Bar, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, 5th July 2014.
Martha at the Tyne Bar, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, 5th July 2014.

Time for a proper #PhotoFriday. If you’re not aware of NARC. Fest, it’s (surprise!) NARC magazine‘s annual event, taking place at venues across Newcastle’s artistic hub, the Ouseburn valley. While the fest also includes comedy and other things, this is often a great excuse to go check out a bunch of local buzz bands of all genres, with music way into the night.While the 30 minute gaps between bands do allow some travel between spots, frankly, it’s easier just to pick a place and stick to it. Thankfully this year’s line-up made that very easy to do, and I rocked up at the Tyne Bar’s (mercifully) outdoor stage in time for the last three bands. Highlights, maestro…

  • Catching Martha again for the first time in years – that’s ONSIND‘s other, slightly less politically motivated and somewhat poppier band.
  • A storming final ever set from Rivals (who include Ross Millard from The Futureheads), doing their legacy proud before London jobs claim yet another local band.
  • Billy from Blacklisters staggering through the crowd, heckling strangers in hats, and generally making a nuisance of himself all over the outside bar area.
  • Getting to use my daylight lenses for a change during the first couple of bands – nerdy, I know, but I didn’t realise how much I’d missed shooting daylight gigs.

Talking of which, here’s some photos from all three sets:

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