Ruth Booth

Photo by GJB Performance Photography
Photo by GJB Performance Photography

Ruth is either an award-winning fiction writer (as Ruth EJ Booth), or a music writer and photographer (as Ruth Booth). All are currently based in the North-East of England.

A member of the Glasgow SF Writers’ Circle, in 2015, Ruth won the BSFA’s Best Short Fiction award for ‘The Honey Trap’ (in La Femme, NewCon Press). In 2016, she was on the judging committee for the James White Award Short Story Competition.

She currently spends her spare time as a ukulele mauler, yogini, or half-marathon runner. She can only whistle backwards.

You can find her at the following links:

Twitter: @ruthmidget

“I might also name Anna Tambour, Amal El-Mohtar and Ruth Booth as must-read writers…” – Hal Duncan, author of The Book of All Hours series, on The BRSBKBLOG.

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